Fixture Arguments
The text in cells in the first row of a table following the fixture name are available to the fixture as a string array named Args, e.g.:
string anArgument = Args[i];

sample do
checkargument count0

sample dowithsomearguments
checkargument count3
checkget argument0with
checkget argument1some
checkget argument2arguments

The Args array returns the raw text in the argument cells. To process the argument cells like other input cells, e.g., retrieving symbol values or parsing arrays, use the GetArgumentInput method with the argument index and the desired type, e.g.:
var anArgument = GetArgumentInput<string>(i);

cell handler story
symbol value>>mysymbol symbol value

cell handler loader
loadsymbol recall handlerfitlibrary

sample dowith<<mysymbol symbol value1,2,3
checkget argument input as string1symbol value
checkget argument input as array21, 2, 3
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