Graceful Names
Type and member names can be entered 'gracefully', i.e., more business-facing and containing less technical jargon.


All non-alphanumeric characters are removed from a graceful name to make an identifier name.

type name
graceful nameidentifier name?
my name myname
* my name!!->123myname123

A fully-qualified type name is used as is, i.e., not gracefully.

type name
type namefull name?
eg.Arithmetic Column Fixtureerror

The namespace for a type can be omitted if it's specified in a Suite Configuration File or imported.

configureapplicationundertestadd namespaceeg

type name
type namefull name?

The "Fixture" suffix can be omitted. Whitespace can be inserted. Case is not important. Non-alphanumeric characters are ignored. Underscores in the type name are ignored.

type name
type namefull name?
Arithmetic Column eg.ArithmeticColumnFixture
arithmetic columneg.ArithmeticColumnFixture
another sample domainfit.Test.Double.another_sample_domain

Member names can be found 'gracefully'. Case is not important. Underscores in the member name are ignored. Member names can be enclosed in quotes to keep underscores.

... need tests ...

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