Test Runner
Obsolete: TestRunner was a command line program that let us execute FitNesse tests and suites in a batch mode. The TestRunner protocol has been deprecated by FitNesse. To run FitNesse tests from the command line, we now use the FitNesse Command Line REST Commands.

The following applies only to old versions of FitNesse and fitSharp.

By default, TestRunner loads the assemblies specified by the FitNesse path command, but you can override this.

Test results are written by default in a plain text format that can be formatted using a FitNesse Java class. See Test results can also be written in XML format.

To use:
        -r fitnesse.fitserver.TestRunner
        [-a appconfig] [-c suiteconfig] [-debug] [-nopaths] [-results resultFile] [-format text|xml] [-suiteFilter filtertag] [-v]
        host port pageName [assemblies]
        -r fitnesse.fitserver.TestRunner
        -results myResults.txt localhost 8080 MySuite

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