Cell Operators
An input value cell or an expected value cell is normally handled by parsing the cell contents based on the value type. Special processing of cell contents is implemented by a set of classes known as cell operators. There is a variety of cell operators provided, and we can Write Our Own Cell Operator.

Standard Cell Operators
These are the standard cell operators used in fitSharp by default.

Check operators are used to process an expected value cell.Compare operators are used to compare an expected value cell to an actual value.Parse operators are used to convert input and expected cell contents into a .NET object. The Parse Default behavior is used if none of the following operators are applicable.
Optional Cell Operators
These operators can be added to fitSharp to modify the standard behavior.

There are three ways to add cell operators so they will used to process cell contents. By default, any custom operators will come in at lower priority than the built-in ones, which means the built-ins take precedence. To register custom operators to run before the built-ins, use AddFirst instead of Add.AddFirst can be useful if a custom operator needs to see the raw cell contents before Symbol Values are expanded, for example.
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