Folder Runner
FolderRunner is a command-line program that lets you run FIT tests on a set of HTML, plain text, and spreadsheet files.

FolderRunner runs the FIT tests in every file in an input folder and its sub-folders. The results are written to an output folder structure that parallels the input structure. A reportIndex.html is created with a summary of the results. Set-up and tear-down files are appended to the front and end of each test file. Files without FIT tests are copied as is. Files and directories can be excluded from processing. Results can be written to an XML file for use with continuous integration tools.

To use:
    c:\apps\fitsharp\runner -r fit.Runner.FolderRunner
        -i input -o output -x excludes -s selected -c config -t tagList -d
    c:\apps\fitsharp\runner -r fit.Runner.FolderRunner
        -i spec -o result -c myconfig.xml -x bin;temp.*\.html -t SampleTag1,SampleTag2

The features of Folder Runner are described in detail in the following sections:
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